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Things To Know About Iceland's Blue Lagoon

In an expansive lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula, a milky mixture of naturally heated seawater and groundwater has formed the Blue Lagoon. This Spa is actually a man made byproduct of the nearby thermal power stations drainage of Geothermal Seawater, which us used to generate energy through steam.

The Blue Lagoon encompasses an area greater than 93,000 square feet, which is nearly the size of two football fields. Over 2 million gallons of warm water fill the reservoir to a maximum depth of just over 5 feet within the 800 year old lava field.

Since the arrival of the thermal power plant in 1974, the Blue Lagoon has become a popular destination for Icelanders and tourists alike. Less than an hour from Reykjavik, this geothermal spa offers a wide array of amenities, including a luxury hotel.If iceland is on your travel list, be sure to check out this local hot spot.