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Kichnam - Dhamija Grinders Pvt. Ltd
Address- 303, ka kha, Kudi Khera Rd, Dhoom Manikpur, Dadri, Uttar Pradesh 203207
Contact number: 09311410763
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Our Products : Ground Spices, Blend Spice, Whole Spices , Salt & Dalia, Other Products

Founded in the dynamic city of Ghaziabad in 1992, Dhamija Grinders established itself with a unique vision that distinguished it from the outset. While working at a grocery shop with his father Mr. Dunichand Dhamija Ji since 1980, his son Om Prakash Dhamija realized that customers have difficulty in identifying pure and good quality spices. Some branded spices which are packed are expensive, and some that are cheap, are available loose and unpacked. Driven by the commitment to offer customers premium quality spices at affordable prices, Om Prakash Dhamija initiated the production of 300 kg of spices per day under the banner of Kichnam Spices on September 9, 1992, in Delhi/NCR. Remaining steadfast to this founding principle of providing the best quality of Masala, the enterprise has scaled its operations significantly, with a daily production capacity of 30 tonnes of spices. India, which is called the king of spices, would not be an exaggeration. Dedicated to offering top-quality spices, including turmeric, chili, coriander, black pepper, small cardamom, blend spices, etc., they meticulously source and purify these ingredients from various regions. This commitment is taking them on the path to becoming the best spice manufacturer in Delhi/NCR. To make blend spices like chana masala, chaat masala, sambhar masala, rajma masala, etc., an effort was made to create a complete masala by talking to hundreds of chefs and keeping their thoughts in mind which was also successful. The admiration and favor among those who prioritize quality can be attributed to the current operational scale of the Kichnam, ranging from a production capacity of 300 kg to an impressive 30 tons per day.