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Nonu Samoa Enterprises Ltd - Samoan Organic Noni Juice Since 1995

Address : Beach Road Box 1099, Apia, Samoa 
Phone : 685-230-10
Email : or

It has been our business, since 1995, to produce the highest quality organic Noni juice.  We are a family run operation in the pristine location of Western Samoa.  The Noni fruit has been used for centuries in the South Pacific for its healing abilities.  We have been taught through family generations how to best handle the Noni fruit and we adhere to those traditional island methods when processing the Noni.

Our operations have been USDA certified organic.  

We are proud to deliver to you the purest and most potent Noni that the South Pacific has to offer.

Nonu Samoa is a 100% Samoan family owned business that started producing Noni Fruit products in 1995.  We had very humble beginnings working in our shed and expanding over the years. We are now able to produce over 200,000 liters of Noni Juice every month.