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Fruitpoint Costa Rica - Export Pineapple With The Highest Quality Standards

Location : 3.5 km north of the image of Corazón de Jesús, Venecia, San Carlos, Costa Rica
Phone :  +(506) 2472-2395
Email :

OUR PRODUCTS : Pineapple for Export, Pineapple for Juice, Pineapple for IQF, Ensilage

Company with socio-environmental commitment, dedicated mainly to the production and export of pineapple with the highest quality standards.

We mainly produce pineapples for the international market, with the highest quality standards, also covering a part of the national market in which our pineapples are destined for production processes where juice and IQF are generated.

Fruitpoint Costa Rica is the first pineapple company in the world that has managed to give full use to the pineapple plant (stubble) by transforming it into an excellent feed for livestock. With this new and innovative methodology, it has been achieved to solve the problem of pests and especially flies.