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Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited

Corporate Office : Corporate One, First Floor, 5 Commercial Centre, Jasola, New Delhi - 110 025, India
Tel: +91-11 41697900 / 46581300
Fax: +91-11-40638679

Unit / Registered Office : P.O. Gadepan - 325 208, District Kota, Rajasthan, India
Tel: +91-744-2782915 / 2934
Fax: +91-7455-274130
CIN : L24124RJ1985PLC003293

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With nearly 1.2 billion population, India requires a robust, modernized agriculture sector to ensure the food security to its population. In order to meet the food grain requirements, the agricultural productivity and growth need to be sustained and further improved. It is imperative to manage fertilizers for a higher food production.

Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd. accounts for nearly 15% of the total Urea produced in the country. Since more than two decades company has contributed to the food security of the country with responsibility. Its three hi-tech nitrogenous fertiliser (urea) plants are located at Gadepan in Kota district of Rajasthan. The three plants have an installed annual production capacity of about 3.4 million MT of Urea contributing to major chunk of Urea consumed in leading agri states in India. These plants were commissioned in 1994, 1999 and 2019 respectively. These plants use state-of-the-art technology from Denmark, Italy, United States and Japan.

The Gadepan III Plant commissioned recently is a state-of-art fertilizer unit. It is among the most efficient plants in the world and uses the latest technologies from KBR, USA and Toyo Engineering Corporation, Japan. The new plant has an installed annual production capacity of about 1.4 million MT of Urea.

The Company caters to the need of the farmers in ten states in northern, eastern, central and western regions of India and is the lead fertiliser supplier in the State of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. The Company has a vast marketing network comprising 15 regional offices, 2,200 dealers and 22,000 village level outlets. The company holds highest market share among private sector Urea manufacturers in the country. The company has further strengthened its position as lead fertilizer manufacturer in India after the commissioning of Gadepan III plant.

The Company has donned the mantle of providing all agri-products through a 'single window' to enable the farmer to buy all products from one source. The Company dealers provide Urea and other agri-inputs like DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate), MOP (Murate of Potash), SSP (Single Super Phosphate), pesticides and seeds. Most of these products are sourced from reputed suppliers and sold under the 'Uttam' umbrella brand. Today, the Company has attained a leadership position in the pesticide business in North India.

To promote sustainable farming practices, Chambal has a well-structured farmer advisory programme. Under this programme, the company organizes crop seminars, product and field demonstrations and farmer meets. Soil and water analysis is also conducted for free at Chambal's laboratories and based on the results; Chambal experts emphasize on balance use of fertilisers.

To encourage the new age farmer, a website, '', provides information on the weather, suitable cropping techniques and markets in Hindi language. 'Hello Uttam' toll-free telephonic helplines have been set up to answer the queries raised by farmers. Unemployed youth from villages are enrolled as 'Uttam Krishi Salhakars'. They are trained in the latest farming techniques and provide specialised services to farmers.

The company has won the Sword of Honour from the British Safety Council for two consecutive years. It has been awarded ISO 14001 (Environment Management System Standard), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System Standard) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard) certifications.

Chambal is committed to its social responsibilities and has invested in water harvesting, healthcare, rural infrastructure, education, skill development and women empowerment. Chambal constantly tries to improve the quality of life in the areas where we operate. The Company has won several coveted awards for its Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental footprints.