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Chowman Hospitality Pvt Ltd - Think Chinese...Think Chowman

Head Office : P 534, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani (Raja Basanta Roy Road), Kolkata- 700029
Phone :  033 – 40067500
Eamil :
Website :

Chowman is not just a brand. It is a passionate tale of a young musician-turned-entrepreneur unravel the true flavours of China.

Back in 2010, everything that Bengal knew about Chinese delicacies was inspired from the Chinese colony of Kolkata. While every street of Kolkata was seeing the rise of Indo-Chinese flavours, somewhere far, a young foodie, with immense passion for music was discovering his love for the Chinese cuisine. Growing up seeing the true love that Bengal holds for Chinese cuisine, this guy was dreaming of making something new! And that new was Chowman.

Chowman isn’t just a story of a dream come true, neither is it a tale of success. Chowman is instead the journey of a foodie who dared to bring a bend to the food narrative in Bengal.

An avid traveller, a dreamer by heart, and madcap by nature, Debaditya Chaudhury, also the founding member of popular Bengali Rock Band, ‘Lakkhichhara’ was travelling all over Asia learning the Chinese culture, understanding their food tradition.