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Musai Olive Oil Ltd - Number One Olive Oil Producers In Albania

Address: Skrofotine, Vlore - Albania
Phone : +355 69 22 94 213

Musaj Olive Oil Ltd is a family business and since many years, ranked as one of the highest quality olive oil producers in Albania. It is managed by Mr. Vesaf Musaj & family and is located in the district of Vlora. The main focus of the company has been high quality olive oil.

Our product is certified by ICEA as organic olive oil. The company processes only organically grown olives from Vlora, one of the richest areas in the olive groves in country. Over the last 16 years, we have continuously improved our Olive Oil facility, in order to guarantee the best possible product quality. With equipment supplied by Alfa-Laval, Musa ltd. has upgraded its production capacity and improved its output. Currently, Musaj Olive Oil Ltd can produce up to 100 tons of oil in a season (October-December) and its equipment can process up to 1000 kg of olives per hour.