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Group Al Gamil Headquarters

Headquarters : Z.I.S. Gabode-BP 2997 Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti
Tél: (253) 21356659
Fax (253) 21356289

Group Al Gamil is one of the largest trading and constructing Group in the republic of Djibouti, Founded on 16-07-1983 and it’s established by Mr. Gamil Abdoulkarim Ali, he starts his activities in the field of housing carpenter and he started step by step in the field of business and after he made his target in trade to satisfied the consumer and import all of the good quality products with a profession dealt and confidence and to provide a special services to his clients and it was the main motivation to develop his work until he achieved to open the  biggest hypermarket in Djibouti and whole of Africa on the date of 15-02-2017 and some of our establishments ( Hypermarket, Supermarket, restaurants, gardens, places for selling the furniture, construction company, garage fixing the cars, stone crushers, farms, an office for bulk marketing, we have too many warehouses and transportation vehicles and heavy duties trucks.