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Hubei Yongxiang Food Processing Machinery Co., ltd

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   HuBei Yongxiang Food Processing Machine CO.,LTD. Founded in 1998,  the company is the largest enterprise in the design, manufacture and sale of the largest rice milling machine in China. The company has a registered capital of 33 million yuan, with a total assets of 270 million, covering an area of 180,000 square meters and employing nearly 1,000 people,  among whom 150 are senior engineers.

     Company mainly producing rice milling machinery, products cover rice pretreating to stone, from rice cleaning,  husking,  separation to rice grinding,  polishing, and white color choose all the process, a total of seven big series, more than 130 varieties. Company has complete  product  development  system and advanced production capacity, technology has advanced  process equipment  and  professional  product  research  and development center, The company many times to participate in the national large complete sets of rice milling project construction, The combined market share ranking top.

     Company established a perfect modern enterprise management system,  established  the "innovation,  refinement, The pursuit of the first, customer satisfaction forever" the quality policy, established a nationwide,  give priority to with offices, agents of domestic marketing network and international sales agent system,  make the company research and development,  production and after-sale service,  improved the company competitive strength. Through the introduction of the K / 3 advanced MPS/MRP and 6S site management, The management and management capacity is improved greatly, and the management of the management system improves the competitiveness and efficiency of the market.

     In 2006, yongxiang rice machine was awarded national rice milling machine famous brand;

     At  the end of 2008,  yongxiang grain machine became the first high-tech enterprise in hubei province,  with four joint reviews from the science and technology department of hubei province, the finance department, The internal revenue service and the local taxation bureau. In 2010, chairman and general manager yong-qiang wang was awarded the "national advanced grain and oil science and  technology  workers", "model workers in hubei province" and other honorable titles, The company won the "The first national cereals, oils and excellent technology innovative enterprise" title.

     In 2012, the company was awarded "The top 10 Chinese grain and oil machine manufacturers"!

   In the field of milling machine manufacturing, The company has produced many years of profitable achievements. As a fist products of the company, "permanent auspicious" brand gravity paddy separating screen, vertical rice mill,  rice polishing machine and other key products market share has been ranks the first in the domestic market.

    At present,  The company is continuously todevelop new areas, set the light color machine,The motor in one of thehigh-tech products are batch production and to the market.

    Low temperaturecirculating paddy drying machine for users good evaluation, will produce goodeconomic benefit and social benefit, make forever auspicious company with wings to fly.