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Tropical Plantations Ltd - Connemara Tea

Address: Connemara Tea Factory, K K Road, Vandiperiyar, Kerala – 685533.
Phone : 04869 252 233
Mobile : +91 884 803 7237
E-mail :

The Tropical Plantations Ltd was founded in 1919 with the primary objective of acquiring Periyar Estate and developing it.  Company records show that Connemara teas were regularly sent to the London tea auctions till 1939.  In fact, old Balance Sheets of the Company bear testimony to the fact that we incurred losses during the Second World War when teas sent to London were either destroyed or not paid for, due to difficulties imposed by the War.

The Connemara Tea Factory in Vandiperiyar was renovated and rebuilt in 1945.  Until 1970, the Company was making Orthodox teas after which the process was changed to produce CTC teas exclusively.  Both the cultivation of tea & manufacture are both attended to with a good degree of precision.  As a sequel, we have expanded our repertoire to include white tea & green tea.