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Nizamabad Quilla Ramalayam - Raghunath Temple

There is a Jagannath Temple at Quilla (port) on the south-west corner of Nizamabad town. This port is said to be built by Rashtraputha kings in the 10th Centaury. At top the Quilla at about 300′ height there is a Rama temple built by Ramdas Mantra of Chatrapathi Sivaji. This is the huge temple with Corridors, Muntaps, Mahamuntaps and large Kalyana Mandapam of about 2000 sq,feet. Area.

Entrance Gate – Quilla Ramalayam – Raghunath Temple

Way To Raghunath Temple

Steps On The Way To Temple

Old entrance gate which has been constructed 1000 years back.

The temple is adjoining the Jail which is presently host in the port.

1000 years history of Raghunath Temple

View of Bodemma Cheruvu from Quilla Ramalayam

Top view of Nizamabad city from Raghunath Temple