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Lalithaa Jewellery - Best Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Location : 5-6, Ward No 5, Block No 6, Dwaraka Nagar, Gopalbhog, Hyderabad Road, Nizamabad.
Phone : 7799775811

Welcome to Lalithaa Jewellery, South India’s largest jewellery chain. Founded in 1985, the journey over the years has been inspiring and has garnered the trust of innumerable customers. Lalithaa Jewellery draws inspiration from the fact that customers are empowered to make educated decisions when it comes to buying something that has a sentimental value; namely gold. The novel initiative of ‘click and compare’ which gives customers the choice of clicking the picture of their dream jewel on their mobile to check for the best price across different showrooms is a game changer in the jewellery trade.