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Loopworm - We Produce Sustainable Insect Protein

Address: Loopworm Private Limited, Opposite Sipani Jardin, Bandapura Village Road, Madivala, Bangalore, Karnataka 562107
Phone: 070603 34733, 78891 62883
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Loopworm Private Limited, Opposite Sipani Jardin, Bandapura Village Road, Thirumagondanahalli, Bangalore, India, 562107

Loopworm is an Agri-Biotechnology company that takes inspiration from nature, to convert organic wastes into valuable products promoting health, nourishment & wellbeing for all forms of life. Through novel Bioscience, Chemistry & Technology, we are utilising Insects to produce novel Bio based products. Insects are natural detritivores and a key part of the Ecosystem often ignored for their usefulness and considered pest & nuisance. They are a rich source of proteins, fats, and micronutrients, and an essential part of the natural diets of both land & aquatic fauna. They are an excellent source of high-quality Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Peptides & Bio-molecules like Melanin & Chitin, having varied applications in Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals & Biopharmaceutical industries. Loopworm is currently focused on producing alternative sustainable protein & fats for Shrimp Feeds, Poultry Feeds & Pet Foods. Highly digestible Amino Acids & insect-like natural smell in the protein concentrate lead to superior palatability in insect-based Aquaculture Feeds. Insect oil is a highly sustainable alternative to conventional feed oil sources like Palm Oil, Fish Oil,& Krill Oil. Inclusion of insect products in Poultry feeds leads to better Egg & Meat quality, higher productivity, better immunity, and enhanced welfare for commercially farmed birds. Hypoallergenic properties & natural bio-availability of anti-microbial supplements, cartilage & bone growth promoters lead to superior health for Dogs & Cats. The United Nations & the FAO consider ‘Insects - The Future of Food & Feed’, but with the visionary use of modern science & engineering, Insects can truly help us bring a new dimension to novel biotechnology & bio-pharmaceutical applications.