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Octal Credit Capital Ltd Headquarters

Registered Office: 16A, Shakespeare Sarani, Unit - II, 2nd floor, Kolkata - 700071, West Bengal, India
Tel: (+91 33) 2282 6815 / 6818 / 6899.
Fax: +91 33 2231 4193
Website :

Company Secretary & compliance Officer

Name: Sweety Dassani
Address: 16A, Shakespeare Sarani, Unit II, 2nd Floor, Kolkata 700 071
Telephone No: 22826815/6818/6899
Mobile No: 9038338957
E-mail address:

Registrar to the Company:
Niche Technologies Private Limited
3A, Auckland Place, 7th Floor, Room No. 7A & 7B, Kolkata-700017
Tel: 033-22806616/6617/6618; Fax: 033-22806619

Octal Credit Capital Limited was incorporated under the provision of The Companies Act, 1956 as Private Limited Company in the name of “Octal Economic Consultants Private Limited” vide Company Incorporation No.  21- 55931 dated 13th July,1992  issued by ROC Kolkata at West Bengal. Subsequently, after passing the special resolution at the EGM of the company held on 06.09.1994, name of the Company was changed to Octal Credit Capital  Private Limited. Further via special resolution passed at the EGM held on 15.09.1994 company became a Public Limited Company and the name was changed to “ OCTAL CREDIT CAPITAL LIMITED”.