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Diligent Industries Limited - Solvent Extraction of Edible Oils

Registered Office : Dwarka Thirumala Road, Denduluru Village and Mandal, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh – 534432, India.
Email :
Tel: 08829-256077 & 08829-256099
Fax: 08829-256088

Products : Solvent Extraction of Edible Oils, Edible Oils Refinery, Cattle Feed, Agriculture Commodities

Diligent Industries Limited was registered in the year 1995. Currently, the company is into manufacturing, processing and trading of edible oils, food, feeds and agriculture commodities in India. The company is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in the year 1995, BSE is an Indian Stock Exchange located in Mumbai and is the oldest stock exchange in Asia, and also the tenth oldest in the world.

Initially the name of the Company was Yatish Securities Ltd, later in the year 2012 the name of the company was changed to Diligent Industries Ltd. In the year 2012 Adithya Agro Allied Oils Limited Amalgamated in to the Company with the approval of High Court.

With a view to get hold, stabilize, compete and increase the Company’s presence in the market the company is constantly attempting to utilize the available resources and production capacity at optimum level. The company also ventured in to refined edible oils, which would certainly create good presence and name to the Company. This would enable the Company to generate strong figures in the top line and bottom line in near future.

Due to Covid-19 the entire world suffered a lot, and operations of the edible oil segment hampered to some extent in India and worldwide. Yet, as the company is operating in Food Sector, the operations of the company were not affected during Covid-19 pandemic.