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Siddulagutta Armoor

Sri Navanatha Siddeshwara temple is located in Armoor town about 27 K.m. Northeast at Nizamabad district. There are beautiful rock formation around this temple with extends up to 2 K.m. legend says that, on this hillock and hence it is called as Navanathapura. 

There are many temples on the hillock namely Shivalayam, Ramalayam, Hanuma Temple, Durga Devi Temple and all these temples are believed to be Swayambhu Temples.

Inside these caves is a Shiva Temple, where the Shiva Lingam is said to be swaymbhu or self-manifested.The entrance to this cave temple is a door that is barely three feet.Just outside the exit point of this narrow cave is a Ramalayam and the temple tank, Jeeva Koneru. Fifteen years ago a ghat road was built through the rock formation, leading straight to Siddulagutta. There is also a walkway from the Gol Bungalow for pilgrims wishing to do the climb up to the temple by foot.