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7 Unusual Schools Around The World

Parvarish - The Museum School
Location : 158, Sector-1, Shakti Nagar, Habibganj, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India - 462-024
Phone : +91-98931-20091, +91-98932-74407, +91-79993-80411
Email  :,

Since 2005, this school in Bhopal is providing quality K12 education to underprivileged children through museums and has groomed over 2,500 children. The school uses museum infrastructure for teaching,  museum exhibits as teaching aids, and has B.Ed students as teachers.

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha
Location : GPO Box No 876, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

Boat Schools, Bangladesh
To tackle the school dropouts due to floods, the non-profit Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha started its first boat school in 2002. These solar power-enabled boats serve as school buses, conduct classes & are equipped with internet, laptops & books.

Green School Bali, Indonesia
Location : Jalan Raya Sibang Kaja, Banjar Saren, Abiansemal, Badung, Bali 80352, Indonesia

Green School opened in September 2008 with a campus that emerged from the jungle and rice fields,  made entirely from bamboo.

The school's mission is to educate its students about sustainability by using a holistic approach through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning, in a wall-less, natural environment.

Brooklyn Free School, US
Address :372 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone : (718) 499-2707

A place where students control their education. Founded in 2003, this school has no standardized  curriculum, no mandatory testing, and no grading where teachers work with students to develop curriculum that supports their passions and their growth.

The Elfschool, Iceland
Address : Sidumuli 31 (2nd floor), Reykjavik, Iceland

A school that teaches about the elves and Iceland's "hidden people"!

This school that's over three decades old, provides certification in Elf education based on 2 major  lectures, by Headmaster Magnus Skarphedinsson who has done research around elves and other nature spirits for over 41 years.

Ørestad Gymnasium, Denmark
Location : Ørestads Boulevard 75, 2300 København S
Phone : +45 8230 2222
Email :
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It's one giant classroom, where 358 high school students learn in an expansive glass cube-a "gymnasium" to avoid traditional instruction. Kids break off into groups and form makeshift  classrooms, sometimes with teachers to guide them.

Egalia Preschool, Sweden
Location  :  Södermalm, Sweden

A school where boys can play dress-up and girls can play with firetrucks or whatever they'd like to do,  while teachers avoid using gendered pronouns when talking to students. The school believes that all  children have the right to their feelings & life opportunities without the influence of gender.