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Hindcon Chemicals Limited

Kolkata Office : VASHUDHA, 62 B, BRAUNFELD ROW, KOLKATA-700 027
Phone: +9133 24490835 / 39
Website :

Products : Sodium Silicate, Cement Additives, MultiSafe

Hindcon is an active member of the Indian Green Building Council. We actively work towards keeping the planet green and ensuring that all our business activities are sustainable and kind to the environment. We strive to serve the construction industry with the best products in the market and comply with the environmental standards at the same time., ensuring the production of eco-friendly products. We apply the same approach to construction chemicals and construction materials.

We, at Hindcon Chemicals Ltd., constantly modify our products to make them better and eliminate all toxic ingredients to ensure eco-friendly finished goods. This endeavour reaches the end of the line by receiving a Green Product Certifications from the CII-Green Products & Services Council for a range of products. This initiative is the first of its kind in India, which makes it even more elite. We have introduced a number of products in the market to date including Waterproofing Hind Crete Plus WPM, Mortar for Brick/AAC Block Fixing Hind Block Fix, Sealing Construction & Expansion Joints Hind Sealant PS and Tile Fixing Adhesive Hind Fix TA. Some other popular products produced by the company include Heat Insulation and Waterproofing Paint, Hind Hydra Proof Ceramic, Decorative Paint Hind Plasto Guard and Rust-Proof Paint Hind Anti-Rust. All these products produced by the company have received the environmental-friendly certification successfully, stating that no hazardous substances were used in making these products and they are safe for public health as well as by the environment.