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Gujarat State Petronet Limited - The Energy Lifeline Of Gujarat

Headquarters : Gujarat State Petronet Limited, GSPL Bhavan, E-18, GIDC Electronics Estate, Nr.K-7 Circle, Sector – 26, Gandhinagar-382 028, Gujarat, INDIA.
Tel: +91 79 23268500/600
Fax: +91 79 23268506
Office timing between 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL) was set up to complement the efforts of GSPC. While GSPC harnesses and procures natural gas, GSPL is building the infrastructure that transmits the gas across the state of Gujarat and ultimately allows last-mile linkage to the end-user.

GSPL is laying a gas grid, to facilitate gas transmission from supply points to demand centres.

State-of-the-art network

The gas grid is equipped with the latest bi-directional gas transmission technology to enable two-way gas flow. This introduces a lot of flexibility into transmission by allowing gas to be sourced or uploaded at either end of the pipeline network. Besides, the network is continuously monitored using SCADA systems integrated with GIS technology.

Flexibility of transmission

Another innovation is in the open access or contract carrier principle of transmission. This allows any gas transmission company to approach GSPL for permission to use the network on payment of the required charges. Thus, private sector participation in gas transmission is encouraged, which makes more volumes available for consumers.

Pipeline Network

GSPL has already put in place a pipeline network of about 2692 km and further extension of pipeline network is going on. The company has signed gas transmission agreements with various industries for the transportation of natural gas from various supply sources in Gujarat.

Presently, the company transmits over 35 MMSCMD of natural gas.