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Gayatri Sugars Limited

Registered & Corporate Office
Gayatri Sugars Ltd
B2, 2nd Floor, TSR Towers, Rajbhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 500082, Telangana, India.
Phone : +91 (0)40 2341 4823 / 4826
Fax : +91 (0)40 2341 4827
CIN No: L15421TG1995PLC020720

Kamareddy Unit
Gayatri Sugars Ltd, Adloor Yellareddy, Sadasiva Nagar Mandal, Nizamabad District – 503145, Telangana, India.

Nizamsagar Unit
Gayatri Sugars Ltd, Maagi, Nizamsagar Mandal, Nizamabad District – 503302, Telangana, India.


Gayatri Sugars Limited, a public limited company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is a part of the 50 year old highly diversified Gayatri Group. Gayatri Sugars Limited is in the field of Manufacturing across integrated fields such as Sugar, Distillery, and Power.

Gayatri Sugars Limited with its Registered and Corporate Office in Hyderabad has two state-of-the-art sugarcane based integrated units –

Kamareddy Unit- situated at Adloor Yellareddy Village, Sadasivanagar Mandal,Nizamabad District

Nizamsagar Unit- situated at Maagi Village, Nizamsagar Mandal,Nizamabad District of Telangana which has easy access to the Visakhapatnam port.

The company which has pioneered manufacturing of sugar, co-generation of green power, Rectified Spirit and Extra Neutral Alcohol was started in the year 1997 with a capacity of 2500 TCD (Tonnes of Cane Crushed Per Day)and later upgraded to 3500 TCD moved forward in a strategic way to merge M/s GSR Sugars Pvt. Ltd(capacity of 2500 TCD) with itself in the year 2011as a result, achieving a total capacity of 6000 TCD. In its sugar plants. the total power being co-generated at the two units of Gayatri Sugars limited have reached 25.25 MW over a short span of time while, the Kamareddy unit, which also houses a distillery plant, has a capacity of 45 KLPD giving the company a sound product mix and establishing the growth and sustainability of the company.

Our Initiatives
The company purchased 2 Harvesting Machines to encourage the farmers by implementing Mechanized Cane Harvesting.

Initiated Solar Fencing to the farmers to protect the cane from Wild bores.

The company is encouraging Drip Irrigation in Sugarcane. Seminars & Workshops are conducted to educate the farmers in latest cane farming to achieve higher yield per Acre.