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News Channels In Iran

Press TV
Location : 4 East 2nd St., Farhang Blvd., Saadat Abad 19977-66411 Tehran, Iran 
Tel: +98 21 230 66 660
Website :

Press TV is the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis.

Location : Número 4, Calle 2 este, Avenida Farhang, Saadat Abad, Teherán, Irán
Tel: +98 21 23066110-20
Fax: +98 21 23066129
Sms: +41 798070089

HispanTV is an Iranian Spanish language news channel operated by IRIB, Iran's state-controlled broadcaster. It began broadcasting in December 2011.

Sahar TV
Location : Tehran, Valiasr (a) Avenue, Came Jam Street, TV and Radio Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, International Morning TV Channel. index: 19395-6767
Phone numbers :  00 98 21 22 01 36 79,  00 98 21 22 16 27 30
Fax: 00 98 21 22 01 36 79
Website :

Sahar TV is the name of an Iranian TV channels that is part of Sahar Universal Network (SUN) which is the branch of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting responsible for broadcasting programs internationally via its Azeri, Balkan, Kurdish and Urdu language television channels. It broadcasts to Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, some parts of Northern Africa, Oceania, and all the countries in the subcontinent of India and Eastern Asia.

Al-Alam News Network
Headquarters: Tehran, Iran

Al-Alam is an Arabic news channel broadcasting from Iran and owned by the state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).
Islamic Republic of Iran News Network
Location : Jame Jam Park, Tehran, Iran
Contact number: 27866000
SMS system: 1000600
Website :

The Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN) is an Iranian news channel, part of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting corporation, headquartered in the Jame Jam Park in Tehran, Iran. The main programs are political, but sports, science and medical news programs also exist. Its language is mainly in Persian but there are special programs in English and Arabic.