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Bus Service From India To Singapore

An Indian company called Adventures Overland is launching a bus service all the way from India to Singapore. The journey will cross 5 countries over 20 days and promises to be bagfuls of fun. 

The bus journey kickstarts from Imphal and makes its way through Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia before ending in Singapore. Some of the stops on the way will be at Yangon, Bangkok, Krabi and Kuala Lumpur. 

The bus will accommodate 20 people at a time and will cost INR 6,25,000 per person. The cost will include hotel stays, meals, sightseeing and visas. The 20 day, 4500 km journey is slated to begin on 1 November 2021. 

The bus chosen for the journey is no ordinary vehicle.It comes with WiFi, private lockers, entertainment systems, a pantry and a washroom. To maintain post covid protocol, the bus offers partitions between seats and maintains ample distance between seats of different passengers. This certainly promises to be an adventure of lifetime!