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Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt Ltd

Head Office : Plot No.99-B, Lonavla Industrial Co-operative Estate Ltd., Nangargaon, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401.

Mylab Discovery Solutions began with an idea — to simplify the complex nature of disease detection, making it more affordable and bringing cutting-edge science and technology to everyday detection. In just a few years, that idea has evolved into best-in-class products and services that empower the work of many hospitals and laboratories globally.

Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a Young and Dynamic Biotechnology company, that develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic detection kits, to empower labs to obtain reliable, timely, and actionable answers. We offer a wide range of solutions applicable in diverse markets including clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical drug discovery, biomedical research, agrigenomics and animal and food safety. We accelerate reliable answers while simplifying complexity and deliver certainty with a seamless experience.

We operate on an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified facility under 98/79/EC Full Quality Assurance Systems. The field of molecular diagnostics has seen much growth in the clinical setting, providing specific, sensitive and rapid methods for the detection and monitoring of a wide range of human ailments. There is very real potential for molecular diagnostics to revolutionize patient care, offering tools that go further than a simple characterization of disease, reaching into the domain of characterizing the patient.

Science and Technology drive our company and our goal is to be always a little faster than others in delivering high-quality diagnostic solutions to improve people’s lives.  Diagnostics contribute significantly to providing sustainable healthcare. We are a pioneer company in India in the field of Molecular Diagnostics and thus have the opportunity to shape healthcare delivery, to optimize resources, and to ultimately benefit society as a whole.

Mylab provides a portfolio of diagnostic kits for pathogen detection and viral load monitoring.
Complete validated and FDA approved workflows provide standardized and reliable solutions for routine testing. Automation with the Compact x integrates automated sample preparation and assay setup with detection maximize your efficiency and optimize your workflows, from sample to result.