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Vijaya College Of Pharmacy

Location : Vijay College of Pharmacy, Rochis valley, Manikbhandar, Nizamabad- 503003 Telangana
Mobil: +919848861660
College Code: 9E.
Website :

Principally distinguished by the quality of education it provides, Vijay College of Pharmacy is located at Manikbhandar in Nizamabad and is administered by the renowned Ideal Education Society. VCPN is on the verge of hitting the benchmark of being leading pharmacy college globally. Vijay College of Pharmacy, is celebrated for its efficiency in producing pharmacists of International standards. Apart from the subjects, students of VCPN are well trained in professional communication skills so as to help them to excel in their future endeavors. Eminent infrastructure, well equipped labs are the added flavours. Dedicated faculty on the other hand are proficient in guiding the students to achieve their career objectives.

To be among one of the best institutions for pharmacists in imparting the quality education with social and ethical attitudes, technical skills and knowledge to become an epicenter for creative solutions.

To impart quality technical education with well established laboratories and instructions to prepare the young engineers with the knowledge of basic sciences ,core values, critical thinking, information competency, effective communication skills and to compete globally in education, research and services with an attitude of enterpreneural,ethical and social concern.

Institution Profile
Vijay College of pharmacy owes to the Ideal Education Society for its establishment, progress and achievements. Ideal Education Society is found by a group of highly dedicated academicians and educated philanthropists of Nizamabad who were motivated for delivering quality and purposeful education. It is only through their commitment and hard work they could bring pharmacy education within the reach of the people of Nizamabad and its surrounding areas.