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Unique Themed Restaurants In India

The Bar Stock Exchange - Mumbai
The prices of beverages rise and crash just like the stock market. A drink may even become cheap or expensive, depending on the increasing or falling demand.

Kaidi Kitchen - Chennai
Get the feel of eating in a jail. Staff dressed as inmates and jailers. 

70MM - Hyderabad
Experience the thrill of cinema and admire it. Pictures of Bollywood and other memorabilia lines the walls of the spot for Indian buffets

Hijack Restaurant - Ahmedabad
Enjoy your meals on wheels. venue is basically a double Decker mobile bus. Hosting a seating capacity of around 44 people. 

Veli Lake Floating - Trivandrum
Eat fresh local food in the middle of a lake by crossing floating bridges.

New Lucky Restaurant - Ahmedabad
Restaurant functions in a place which was a graveyard. Enjoy their bun muskas while you chill around the dead and the living.

Odeon Social - Delhi
Go back to the school and pamper the nerd in you. Try their disco fried egg. It is served in a dish that is lit up by disco lights.

Dialogue In The Dark - Hyderabad
Learn to trust your food in absolute darkness. You cannot see food here and you have to experience food.

IIFA Buzz - Gurgaon
Inspired by the famous Bollywood Award Show - Iifa. This place is adorned with Iifa trophy and posters of Bollywood stars with red carpet.