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Hospitals In Kingston

Jamaica AIDS Support for Life
Head Office : 3 Hendon Drive, Kingston 20
(876) 925-0021 | 969-6597 | 969-0282

Kingston Chapter : 3 Hendon Drive, Kingston 20
(876) 925-0021 | 551-1060 | 376-2083
Serves: Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. Thomas, Clarendon

Jamaica AIDS Support for Life is dedicated to preserving the dignity and rights of persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and to help with the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS by providing education and other interventions to promote change

Bellevue Hospital - Restoring Hope, Empowering Minds
Address: 16 ½ Windward Road, Kingston 2
Telephone Number: (876) 928-1380-7
Fax : (876) 928-1236
Email :

The Bellevue Hospital was established to provide care for mentally ill clients. The establishment of the hospital came out of a petition which was led by a private medical practitioner named Dr. Louis Bowerbank. This led to an enquiry the result of which was the establishment of a mental hospital for the custody and care of the mentally ill. The hospital has had a very rich and colourful history. The hospital has just over seven hundred patients. There are presently twenty three wards; the hospital is divided in acute, sub-acute, psycho-medical, mental subnormal, long stay, psycho geriatric and rehabilitative wards.

Kingston Public Hospital
Location  : North Street, Kingston
Phone: (876) 922-0210-9 
Fax: (876) 968-1636

Public institutional medicine was first established in Jamaica with the opening of the Kingston Public Hospital on December 14, 1776. The hospital was originally located at the corner of East and North Streets where the land equipped with a small hospital for slaves was converted into a male hospital and an old slave yard converted into a female ward. KPH originally catered to Jamaica’s white population.

St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Centre
Location : 22 Deanery Road, Kingston 3 JM Kingston, Jamaica
Phone : +1 876-547-2977
Email :

Nuttall Memorial Hospital
Address : 6 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica
Phone No.: 876-926-2139

The Nuttall Memorial Hospital commemorates the life of Enos Nuttall, a Christian leader of exceptional vision and a great humanitarian. He came to Jamaica from England in 1861 as a nineteen-year old Wesleyan missionary. At that time there was a spiritual awakening in Jamaica known as the Great Revival which affected most Christian denominations. After a few years he offered himself as a candidate for the Church of England and was made rector of St. George’s Church in Kingston in 1866, the year after the Morant Bay Rebellion which resulted in Jamaica becoming a crown colony. The Church of England in Jamaica was de-established in 1870 and the number of ministers reduced from 92 to 52. His leadership qualities, capacity for hard work and Christian zeal were soon recognized and he rose through the ranks of the Anglican Church to become Bishop of Jamaica in 1880 and the first Archbishop of the Province of the West Indies in 1893. His contribution to the educational and social development of Jamaica was monumental.

The Erudite Medical Centre
Address: Unit #18, New Kingston Business Centre, 45-47 Grenada Crescent Kingston 5
Phone No: +1-876-926-2024

At The Erudite Medical Centre, we are experienced medical professionals dedicated to providing top quality health care services in Jamaica. We are a modern clinic that considers patients’ overall wellness as a part of our health management strategy. This is the reason why we incorporate weight management practices and other natural remedies into our medical treatments. We also offer medical services to patients and surgeons from abroad who are looking for a Caribbean experience.

Bustamante Hospital for Children
Location : Arthur Wint Drive, Kingston 5
Phone: (876) 926-5721
Fax:(876) 929-3076

The Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC)has the distinction of being the only specialist paediatric hospital in the English Speaking Caribbean. With a bed capacity of 253, this remarkable institution caters to patients from birth to 12 years, providing a comprehensive range of diagnostic, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and ambulatory services in paediatric medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties.

The hospital caters to not only patients from across Jamaica, but other neighbouring Caribbean countries. The facility was formally a British Military Hospital but was given to the Jamaican Government as a ‘good will’ gesture on the achievement of Jamaica’s Independence on November 6, 1962.

Heart Foundation of Jamaica
Address : 28 Beechwood Ave, Kingston 5, Kingston, Jamaica
Phone : 876-926-4378 |  876-929-3195, 876-926-6492 |  876-619-7007-8
Email :
Website :

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica was incorporated in 1971 as a voluntary organization sponsored by the Lions Club of Kingston. A few years before, the health and welfare committee of the Lions Club of Kingston with its members, Professor Mike Wooming, Dr. Jeffery Humfries, Dr. Junior Wong, Dr. Bernard Benjamin and Peter Bangerter felt that something had to be done to help heart patients in Jamaica, and to reduce the high incidence of heart attacks.

Various fundraising efforts took place and, with the regular help, especially financial, a small start was made. The Foundation soon became a member of the International Society and Federation of Cardiology (ISFC), now The World Heart Federation located in Geneva, Switzerland. A part-time secretary was then hired, Mrs. Elenor Grant. A few years later, a Manager Mrs. Jeanne Shearer, was employed and an office was rented at 30 Beechwood Avenue, in Kingston. The Governor General at that time Sir Clifford Campbell was asked to be the Patron.

Andrews Memorial Hospital
Location : 27 Hope Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica, WI
P: (876) 926-7401-3
C: (876) 618-1810

Andrews Memorial Hospital is strategically located in the city of Kingston, is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are the number one stand-alone hospital on the island.

The vision of Andrews Memorial Hospital is to be the leader in healthcare excellence by working with its employees and physicians to build an institution that is focused on the well-being of people, one that is patient oriented and offers world-class healthcare services.

We are dedicated to healing the whole person, by not only focusing on our patient’s physical health but also their mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Heart Institute of the Caribbean
Kingston : 23 Balmoral Avenue, Kingston 10, Jamaica
PHONE: 906-2106-8 , FAX: 906-4413

The Heart Institute of the Caribbean (HIC) is the premier center of excellence for cardiovascular care in the English Speaking Caribbean. HIC Heart Hospital is the only dedicated full service Specialty Heart Hospital in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

University Hospital of the West Indies
Address : Golding Avenue, Kingston 7, Jamaica
Call : (876) 927-4112

National Chest Hospital
Address : 35 ½ Barbican Road, Kingston 6
Phone: (876) 970-0655, 977-7793 | Fax: (876) 977-6903

The National Chest Hospital, formally known as the King George V Sanatorium was constructed in 1938 and officially opened in 1940 as a 222 bed facility for the isolation and management of patients diagnosed with tuberculosis – the main cause of death in Jamaica at that time. In 1967 surgical treatment of tuberculosis was discontinued due to the efficacy of drug treatment...