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Bombay Nursing Home

Location : Door No 5-6-385,Near Yellammagutta Cross Road,Hyderabad Road, Yellammagutta, Nizamabad, Telangana 503003
Email :
Phone : 9848134979, 9391091819


Ambulance Services
We provide ambulances to the patients who need instant and prompt care in any sorts of accidental emergencies.

Laparoscopic Surgeries
Our range of hospitals has sets of doctors that expertise in conducting laparoscopic surgeries.

Laparoscopic Surgery
We have a team of expert surgeons who are specialised in Laparoscopic surgery.

Consultant Laproscopy
Our heath center has the best doctors who are also excellent laparoscopy consultants for better care.

Diagnostic & Pathology
We own a range of diagnostic & pathology centers around the city that provides excellent diagnosing services.

Diagnostic Centre Laproscopy
At our diagnostic centre we have experts to arrange for your laproscopy tests and also for consultation.

Diagnostic Centres
We own a range of diagnostic centers that conduct various tests to diagnose diseases and disorders.

Doctors Surgeon Gynaecology
Consult with the best gynaecologist whose expertise lies in providing gynaecology surgery.

General Surgeon Doctors
Our team of general surgeons doctors are the best in town and recommended for all types of surgeries.

Gynae Cancer
Our services promote "one stop solution" for all type of gynae cancer under one roof to our patients.

We provide comprehensive healthcare services under one roof. We are committed to providing high quality value focused comprehensive healthcare services and also have an unwavering commitment towards medical ethics. We have with us well qualified experienced doctors and trained staff ensuring high levels of service quality. So book an appointment today for a healthier tomorrow.