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Gjenge Makers - Build Alternatively, Affordably, Sustainably


Location : Ground Floor,Avon House, Enterprise Rd,Nairobi
Hotline: +254 703 289 506
Email :

Our team ideated a roll out of a plastics collection company which would sort and sell plastic waste to other recycling companies. Having collected more waste faster than the recycling companies could uptake, this original idea was pivoted, and a decision was made to do value addition to these plastics hence the decision to manufacture alternative building products emerged. Thus, Gjenge Makers was born. The company was founded in 2018 and is registered under  under the Companies Act, 2015


Heavy Duty Paver : 60mm thick.
Best for roads and operation areas of heavy machinery. Ideally most suitable for parking areas not commonly frequented by heavy trucks

Moderate Duty Paver : 40mm thick.
Best for commercial premises.

Light Duty Paver : 30mm thick.
Best for footpaths and household compounds in areas where there is no heavy machinery traffic. 2 times stronger than ordinary concrete blocks