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Gomselmash India Private Limited

Address : Unit No. 403 A, 4th Floor Copia Corporate Suites, Plot No. 9, Jasola, New Delhi - 110025 INDIA
Phone : +91 1145136121, +91 8800106034
E-Mail :

PRODUCTS- Combine Harvester, Forage Harvester, Mini Rice Harvester, Dairy & Agricultural Machinery in India at best price

Gomselmash India Private Limited is a JV Company of OJSC "Gomselmash", Republic of Belarus. Gomselmash India Private Limited was incorporated in India for manufacturing, assembling, sales and after sales services in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and African Countries.

Gomselmash is one of the largest manufacturers of agriculture and farm machines, ranking among the world market leaders of combine harvesters and Pull type tractor mounted Forage Harvester, Silage Harvester, Fodder Harvester, Mini Combine Harvester, Multi crop Track Combine Harvester, Ground nut and Multi crop Threshers, Silage Baler and wrapper, Straw Baler, Rack and Liner, Self propelled boom Sprayers, Tractor mounted sprayers, Garden sprayer, Battery operated sprayers, electric sprayers, Sugarcane harvester, Drones, Mower, Pick-up, Rotavator, Super seeder, Mulcher, Reversible hydraulic MB Plough, Potato Planters, Paddy transplanter, Rice planter, Cultivator, Ridgers, Precision seed drills and other agricultural & Farm implements and machines at best price. Gomselmash is serving the farming world since 1930.