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Tbilisi Zoological Park - Oldest and Largest Zoo in Georgia


Address: 64 M. Kostava St., Tbilisi.   
Phone: (+995 32) 233-29-01, 221-30-60
Fax: (+995 32) 221-30-50 
Postcode: 0179
E-mail: Email:
Website :

Tbilisi Zoo is the most exotic and interesting park in the capital. Here you can visit the representatives of the local fauna, as well as the animals living in different parts of the world - magnificent white lions, beautifully painted pre-Asian jackals, Asian elephants, white rhinoceros, hippopotamus and more.

There is also a diverse collection of birds at the zoo - different species of pheasants, proud predators and selfish peacocks. In the updated exotarium you can see colorful fish, venomous and suffocating snakes and other reptiles.

In total, the Tbilisi Zoo is home to more than 800 species of about 200 species, including rare, endangered species that are left in small numbers in nature.