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Tactical Robotics Ltd


Location : Tactical Robotics LTD., POB 13137, Yavne 81224, ISRAEL
Phone: +972-8-9433640
Fax:      +972-8-9433644

Tactical Robotics Ltd. (“TRL”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics Ltd. TRL was formed in order to focus on the development of Air Vehicle configurations based on a license from UA for the unmanned military and homeland security markets. TRL has taken the lead in the development of the "Cormorant" (formerly AirMule) — an advanced and patented VTOL Unmanned Air Vehicle.

Urban Aeronautics Ltd. (UrbanAero) was founded and is headed by Dr. Rafi Yoeli.  UrbanAero has established an early lead in developing a compact VTOL vehicle with no exposed rotors that is tailored to meet FAA requirements for powered lift vehicles and also capable of flying and operating inside complex urban and natural environments.