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Ankara Bilkent City Hospital - Biggest In Turkey

Address : Üniversiteler Mahallesi Bilkent Cad. No: 1 Çankaya/Ankara/Turkey
Telephone : +903125526000
E-Mail :

Ankara Bilkent City Hospital is a full-service city hospital located in Ankara, Turkey. Opened in 2019, it is the biggest in the country having a total of 3,704 hospital beds.
  • Total Bed Capacity: 3.810
  • General Hospital Building: 562 beds
  • Cardiovascular Hospital Building: 441 beds
  • Neurology Orthopedics Building: 506 beds
  • Children's Hospital Building: 599 beds
  • Maternity Hospital Building:542 beds
  • Oncology Hospital Building: 588 beds
  • Main Mass: 72 beds
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Building: 300 beds
  • High Security Forensic Psychiatry Hospital Building 100 beds
  • Medical Observation Clinic: 100 beds
  • Total Closed Area: 1.312.358 m²
  • Total Ground Area: 674.000 m²
  • Operating Theaters: 131
  • Polyclinic and Aid Rooms: 904 + 259
  • Intensive Care Units: 696 beds
  • Dialysis Center: 38 beds
  • Chemotherapy Center: 127 beds
  • Laboratory: 7.400 m²
  • Iodine Treatment Clinic: 10 beds
  • PTR Center: 65 treatment rooms
  • Imaging Services Area: 17.500 m²
  • Sterilization Services Area: 9.200 m²
  • Parking Capacity: 6.918 vehicles
  • Laundry Area: 1.600 m²
  • Dining Hall: 2.500 m²
  • VIP Rooms: 82
We aim to be a center of appeal for international patients as Ankara City Hospital Health Tourism Unit aka International Patients Unit. Our goal is to provide the best and the highest quality of service for international

patients from all around the world, to meet all the medical needs of individuals in order to help them to live a healtier life based on our knowledge, experience and opportunities. We inspect satisfaction levels of our

patients who visit our country for treatment systematically based on our face-to-face patient satisfaction surveys and we use the statistics to improve all healthcare services we provide under Health Tourism.

All types of surgeries can be performed including heart, lung, liver and kidney transplantations while all of our medical and surgical departments have the latest technological systems, devices and experienced

physicians who are experts in their fields together with other devoted and friendly working staff in Ankara City Hospital.