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Medicago Inc Head Office


Head Office : Medicago Inc., 1020 Route de l'Église, Suite 600, Quebec City, Quebec, G1V 3V9  Canada
Call : 1-418-658-9393
Website :

USA Office & Facility: 7 Triangle Drive, Durham, North Carolina, 27713  United States
Call : 1-919-313-9670
Mailing Address : PO Box 14545, Durham, North Carolina, 27709  United States

Quebec: 2552, Blvd. Du Parc-Technologique, Quebec City, Quebec, G1P 4S6   Canada
Mailing Address : 3220, av Watt, Bureau 101, Quebec City, Quebec, G1X 4Z6  Canada

Medicago Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of virus-like particles using plants as "bioreactors" to produce proteins as candidate vaccines and medications. By using live plant leaves as hosts in the discovery and manufacturing process, the Medicago "Proficia" technology has the goal to create a rapid, high-yield system for its product candidates.

The story of Medicago is rooted in a long track record of innovation and perseverance. Even our company name – the Latin word for alfalfa, which was the first plant we worked with – embodies our culture of adaptation. We're proud of our humble beginnings as much as we are of our current growth and global reach. We understand better than most that the path to success in not a straight line.

As a pioneer of plant-based transient expression and manufacturing, Medicago has always sought a more effective way to improve human health. With nearly 20 years of experience and wisdom behind us, we are ready to disrupt the traditional approach to vaccines and therapeutics. Medicago has been privately held since 2013.