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Abismo Anhumas - The Biggest Adventure in Brazil


Location : Rua General Osório 681, Bonito, MS, Brazil
Call : +55 (67) 3255-3313
Email :

Come and change your life! The experience you will never forget To know Abismo Anhumas, in Bonito-MS, is to be in contact with a part of the world that you didn't even know existed.

Located 23km from the center of Bonito-MS, Abismo Anhumas is an impressive place. Looking from above, you cannot imagine what awaits you after the descent: the small crack in the ground makes room for the immensity of the cave. After the descent, an unforgettable snorkel float - or an exclusive dive for divers already certified.

The expedition to Abismo Anhumas has a sequence of fundamental points so that you can enjoy the ride in a good way, without taking risks.
The tour requires small groups, with times and departure determined by the attraction.

After descending the 72 meters, you arrive at a floating deck. There, trained monitors wait to give you all the support you need. Next to the deck, an inflatable boat is available so that you can make the unforgettable ride on the crystal-clear lake.

Floating with a mask and snorkel is guided by another monitor: time for the unique experience of getting to know the Anhumas Abyss from the inside of the water.

What to take
It is an activity that lasts a few hours and therefore you need to prepare. Like any tourist attraction that involves physical activity, it is important to stay hydrated and fed. It is important to eat well before going and drink water before, during and after.

Try to take some light snacks: fruits, cereal bars and sandwiches are great options to replenish your energy.

Dress in comfortable clothes: malleable pants, T-shirt and sweater, preferably with fabrics that allow perspiration. On your feet, opt for boots or sneakers that are closed with long socks - and try to take an underwear for a change, as you will enter the water.

It is allowed to photograph inside the Anhumas Abyss, but the cave is very large and dark. To use a tripod, you need prior authorization - speak to us before you go.

All necessary equipment is included for diving.