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Raysut Cement Company - Largest Producer of Cement in Oman

Factory : Raysut Cement Company, Salalah – Raysut Industrial Area, Salalah - Oman
Post Box : 1020
Postal Code : 211
Tel: (968) 23220600
Email :

AL Barami Building,Azaiba
Sultan Qaboos Street, Post Box: 662, PC 114, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Tel: (968) 24130981/24130982
Fax:(968) 24130984

Branch Office & Terminal:Sohar Terminals
Sohar Industrial Port(C.Steinweg Oman LLC Area), Liwa, Sohar
Tel: (968) 26850450
Fax:(968) 26850440

P O Box 4423, AL Ghayl Industrial Area, Al Ghayl, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.
Tel: + 971 7 2584333
Fax: +971 7 2584222

Mukalla Branch
Post Box: 60055

Mukalla Hadrmout
Tel: (9675)305772/306666

Associate Companies:Aden Branch
Aden – Republic of YEMEN
Aden – Republic of YEMEN
Tel: (9672)237969

A regional leader and the largest producer of cement in Oman.

Raysut Cement Company (RCC) has been a major partner to the success of the city of Salalah and the development of the country. The company has brought life and growth to the local and surrounding communities.

We promise quality in all products and solutions.

In collaboration with many local and international partners, RCC provides the expertise, focus, and resources required to efficiently deliver solutions to aid the growth of construction across the Middle East.

With a robust maritime fleet, RCC has expanded its reach to boost the development of businesses and communities from Southern Oman, to Yemen, East Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Now, with our high quality products, strong partnerships, rapid growth, and major acquisitions, RCC is quickly establishing itself as a strategic partner for growth in the developing world.