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Lystek International - Nothing wasted. Everything to gain.

Head Office: 125 McGovern Dr. Unit 1, Cambridge ON. N3H 4R7, Canada
Phone: (226) 444-0186
Toll-Free: (888) 501-6508
Website :

Lystek OMRC – Southgate
191 Eco Parkway, Dundalk, Ontario, N0C 1B0
Phone: (519) 923-3539

US Office: Lystek International
Lystek OMRC – FSSD, 1014 Chadbourne Road, Fairfield, California 94534-9700
Phone: (707) 430-5500
Toll-Free: (855) 328-8260

Lystek International is an award-winning organic materials recovery firm with proven solutions that is helping municipalities and other generators reduce waste, costs, odors and greenhouse gas emissions through its innovative approach to biosolids and organics management. Lystek is committed to beneficial use through the transformation of non-hazardous, organic materials into nutrient rich, federally registered, fertilizer products. At the wastewater treatment plant, the same, innovative system can also be used to optimize the performance of digesters and BNR systems while reducing overall volumes and increasing biogas production for green energy.

Each year, over 10 million dry tonnes of biosolids are generated in Canada and the US. Historically, about 75% of this material has been disposed of via land application, landfill or incineration. A combination of technical, regulatory, and financial considerations are rapidly changing the industry landscape. The responsible management of biosolids remains a top priority for Municipalities, Corporations, Elected Officials and the Public. Plus, the world is facing a depletion of natural resources and the need for renewable, nutrient-rich, organic-based fertilizer continues to grow.


Biosolids Processing- Lystek offers proven, advanced biosolids and organics processing technologies for municipal wastewater treatment plants and similar materials from the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

LysteGro Biofertilizer- LysteGro provides an economical, sustainable and highly effective alternative to traditional fertilization. It is an organically-based, concentrated, biofertilizer with a full complement of nutrients suitable for a wide range of fertilization requirements. A truly unique biofertilizer product that is healthy for the soil, safe, reliable and pathogen free.

LysteMize WWT Plant Optimization - The multi-beneficial Lystek system can also be utilized to optimize or “LysteMize” the overall performance of your wastewater treatment plant. Leveraging the LysteMize approach for plant optimization will help you reduce your operational costs, while increasing biogas output for green energy and enhancing the value and capacity of your existing plant infrastructure.