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Cairo Aviation Headquarters

Headquarters: 5 Moustafa Refaat St., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt 
Phone : +2 02 22 666 459/69 (Ext. 116) , +2 02 22 666 458 (Ops. Center) 
Fax : +2 02 22 666 461/3 
e-Mail :

Cairo Aviation, established in Cairo in 1991, is a charter airline for both passengers and cargo. It was set up to propose a unique entry point in the field of aviation by operating the TU 204-120 family. Cairo Aviation was a test vehicle for the TU 204-120 when it first entered the service.

Based in Cairo International Airport, Cairo Aviation runs charter flights to various destinations within and outside Egypt (Europe, Africa , the Middle East) on full charter/ACMI basis whether ad-hoc or chain of flights.

The fleet of Cairo Aviation consists of three passengers' aircraft TU204-120 with a capacity of 210Y-seats [upon request it can be configured with both business & economy seating; it could go up to a complete 1st class executive configuration] and two cargo aircraft of 25-27 tons payload. This type represents the best combination of the east and the west components by using Russian airframe, Rolls-Royce engines and western avionics.

Cairo Aviation operations conform to the Egyptian Civil Aviation & European regulation of highest standards of safety and security control.

And through our highly qualified and friendly crew members, Cairo Aviation welcomes its passengers abroad with a genuine Egyptian hospitality covered by special in-flight services.

On the meantime, Cairo Aviation is in the final process of acquiring the IOSA Certificate from a reputable establishment.