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AbelCine - Gear, Services & Technology for All Cinema Creators

New York – Flagship : Industry City, 88 35th Street, 4th Fl, Brooklyn, NY 11232
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Los Angeles – Flagship : 801 South Main Street, Burbank, CA 91506

Chicago – Learning Point : 2602 W. 16th Street, 4th Fl, Chicago, IL 60608

AbelCine is a leading provider of products and services to the production, broadcast and new media industries.

At AbelCine, we believe in the power of the moving image to evoke, enlighten and inspire

We understand the dedication and craft that goes into creating every frame, as well as the technology and tools required to bring your project to life. Our company has evolved over the years, but we've always maintained our focus on service and a love of cinema.

Today, cinema is everywhere. The latest digital tools allow you to produce cinematic imagery at the highest technical and creative standards: content that crosses all genres—narrative, documentary, live events—and is viewed on screens of all sizes. Staying on top of the technology, the shifts in the industry, and how to bring them together can be a challenge. That's why we're here. To figure it all out and be a resource you can draw on, while you focus on creating compelling content.