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Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation

Location : Plot No: 379, 5th Floor, Road No.10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033, INDIA
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Phone : +91 - 40 - 2360 6777

"Serve Children, Serve God"

It all started in the year 2012, when my son got into a severe health breakdown. He survived from a dreadful condition, thanks to the cumulative work of cutting edge scientific technology, doctors and of course the money. The whole ordeal I went through during his treatment made me discern the pain of the parents, particularly when they cannot save their child because of their poverty.

It stemmed out of my consciousness to help any critically ill child whose survival is entirely dependent on monetary contribution.

Any child who is denied of treatment due to penurious state of his/her parents is unacceptable and in that hour of need ADF swiftly assumes the control of situation. A single phone call from the patient's kin, saved the life of ailing children numerous times.

Till date, more than 100 critical cases of children from divergent socio-economic backgrounds were taken up. The Foundation has been exponentially increasing the number of cases it takes over every year.

I believe Education is the fundamental right of every child in this nation. It is accomplished only when rendered in a fully equipped classrooms with knowledge and resources.

I chose to collaborate our foundation with CSR of corporate giants to realize this vision.

I aspire to empower close to 350 government schools in the Nizamabad parliament segment by associating with corporate's CSR structures.

If any child in this society identifies himself/herself as an orphan, it is the fault of the whole society. Fate must have granted such situations of being an orphan, but we can change the fate by according them a normal life.It is our primary responsibility to take care of every such child in our vicinity. ADF has embarked on associating with orphanages and sponsored slews of children and will continue to do further.

No child should be denied of health or education because of their impoverished circumstances.

I chose to render my foundation services to children below 12years of age, as they are emotionally, physically and psychologically vulnerable to external impediments.

The funds of this foundation are my personal and haven’t taken any aid from outside sources.

Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation & Corporate social responsibility
Agility logistics in Kuknoor village, velpur mandal Nizamabad
Arvind dharmapuri Foundation has reached out to AGILITY, a giant in Global logistics with more than 22000 employees operating in more than 100 countries across the globe to adopt government Schools in kuknoor village, Velpur mandal, Nizamabad. As a part of this initiative, Tony Switzer (CSO global) and Ismail Abed (CIO global), representatives of AGILITY gave away Dual desk benches and other infra materials and sports material to students.

Permanent structures like an RO plant, Toilets and a Digital Lab are furnished in the school premises at once. Considering the fluctuating incomes of the parents in that area due to poor agricultural yields, every year they will be dispensing Uniforms, Shoes, Belts, ID cards, Note books, Bags an Hygienic Napkins for girls. AGILITY trains students in the field of IT in the Digital labs provided and hired English tutors to help children gain communication skills.

ADF & Orphanages
Gurudatta Vatsyalya Nilayam:
It's an orphanage managed by the couple A.Mahadev and A.swarna Latha at pochampadu, Balkonda mandal, Nizamabad since 2003. The couple's two own children accidentally drowned to death in the same Pochampadu project when they were little. In their memory, they established this orphanage and raised scores of children till date. Upon learning their selfless services to the orphans, my immediate resolute was to contribute at least half of the expenses and here I am, today religiously serving the Nilayam since 2013.

Majority of the children in the house are girls, an immensely gratifying thing, as 'educating the girl means educating the society'

Whenever I witness a young man/woman, walk out of the Nilayam with a degree or job in their hands realizing their dreams, my greed multiplies for such outcomes and further fuels my desire to help the children in the home.