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Sofa Clinic - Sofa Repair Specialist

Sofa Clinic

Location : Peridot Plaza, Gajendra Nagar, Off Hosur Road,  Bangalore Karnataka 560030 India.
Phone : 7338331370/8151025028
Email :
Website :

Services : Sofa Repair, Sofa Polishing, Sofa Upholstery, Corporate Service, Sofa Cleaning, Sofa Refurbishing

Sofa Clinic Sofa Repair Specialist

Welcome to Sofa Clinic. We are a Furniture repair specialist. We specialize in renewing, renovating and refurbishing your old Sofa and giving it a new look.   

Is your Sofa/Couch too old and in poor condition? Are you thinking about getting a new one? DON'T!  Your Sofa has feelings too! 

We are providing our service in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Delhi NCR & Hyderabad.

With our services, make your sofa spankingly new for an unbelievably low price. Email us now at


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