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Zoos In Denmark

Zoos In Denmark

Aalborg Zoo - Mølleparkvej 63, 9000 Aalborg
Phone : 96 31 29 29
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Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo was inaugurated in 1935 and is visited annually by up to 400,000 guests. The overall purpose is nature conservation, directly through international cooperation on breeding and indirectly through the dissemination of knowledge about endangered animals.

Krokodille Zoo - Ovstrupvej 9, 4863 Eskilstrup
Phone : +45 54454242
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Krokodille Zoo

The Crocodile Zoo (Danish: Krokodille Zoo) is a zoo on the Danish island of Falster. It is located just to the southwest of Gundslevmagle, northeast of Eskilstrup, towards the northern centre of the island. Established in 2000, the zoo has the world's largest collection of crocodilians with all 23 existing species.

Ree Park Safari - Stubbe Søvej 15, 8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark
Call : +45 8633 6150
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Ree Park Safari

Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari is a safari park in Djursland on the peninsula of Jutland, Denmark. The safari park is the home of more than 800 animals of 80 species from 5 different continents. This popular tourist attraction offers its guests a comprehensive insight in the life and behaviour of animals from Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia.

Givskud Zoo - Zootopia -  Løveparkvej 3, Givskud, Denmark -7323
Tel. +45 75 73 02 22
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Givskud Zoo is a zoo and safari park in Givskud, 20 kilometres (12 mi) north west of Vejle in Denmark. The park opened in 1969 under the name of "Løveparken" (the lion park) with lions as the only animals. In 1970 Asian elephants arrived and today the park has more than 700 animals representing more than 70 species. The zoo is one of only ten attractions to be awarded 5 stars by the Danish tourist guide Jyllands Attraktioner and receives about 325,000 visitors a year. It covers a total of 120 hectares (300 acres), including 65 hectares (160 acres) currently in use for the zoo and safaripark.

Odense ZOO: Søndre Boulevard 306, Odense C, DK-5000
Phone: +45 66 11 13 60

Odense ZOO

Since Odense ZOO opened in 1930 as the first private zoo in Denmark, it has been a green oasis in the city of Odense, the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen. The Odense River flows right through the grounds, creating an enchanting atmosphere for which the zoo is well-known and admired.

Since 2013, Odense ZOO has held the title of Europe's Best Zoo amongst smaller zoos*. The award recognises our ongoing efforts to provide the animals with the best living and breeding conditions, as well as our sincere wish to provide our visitors with a unique experience with the animals. 

Randers Tropical Zoo - Tørvebryggen 11, 8900 Randers
Phone: +45 87 10 99 99
Website :

Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo

Stepping into Randers Rainforest is like stepping into another world. The air is warm and humid, filled with the sounds of cascading waterfalls and the richly diverse wildlife all around you. The lush, green environment is home to everything from tiny, industrious leaf-cutter ants to the majestic jaguar, whisking you in the blink of an eye from the cool temperatures of northern Europe into a tropical wonderland.

Skandinavisk Dyrepark - Emergency Road 67b, Emergency, DK-8560 Kolind
Tel. 8639 1333

Scandinavian Zoo is an attraction in the middle of Aarhus, Randers and Grenaa in the heart of Djursland. Here you will meet polar bears, brown bears, wolves and many other Nordic animals in beautiful surroundings.

Copenhagen Zoo
Location : Roskildevej 38 , 2000 Frederiksberg  
Phone : +45 72 200 200  
Eamil :  
Website :

Copenhagen Zoo is a zoological garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1859, it is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and is a member of EAZA. It comprises 11 hectares (27 acres) and is located in the municipality of Frederiksberg, sandwiched between the parks of Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken. 

Knuthenborg Safaripark
Location : Knuthenborg Allé, 4930 Maribo
Phone : +45 54788089
Email :

Knuthenborg Safaripark is a safari park on the island of Lolland in the southeast of Denmark. It is located 5 km (3.1 mi) to the north of Maribo, near Bandholm. It is one of Lolland's major tourist attractions with over 300,000 visitors annually, and is the largest safari park in northern Europe.

Skandinavisk Dyrepark
Scandinavian Animal Park
Nødagervej 67b, Nødager, DK-8560 Colind
Tel. 86 39 13 33

Skandinavisk Dyrepark (Scandinavian Wildlife Park) is a Danish zoo in Djursland, located in Syddjurs Municipality in Denmark. Opened for public in 1994, by the name Hjortenes verden (World of deer), later changed to Skandinavisk Dyrepark (Scandinavian Wildlife Park). As suggested by its name, the focus of the park is wildlife native to Scandinavia.