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Almaty Zoo - Kazakhstan

Almaty Zoo - Kazakhstan

Location : Almaty, st. Yesenberlina, 166, Almaty, 050007
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Mobile: +7 (777) 389 11 33
Security Service:+7 (777) 389 11 22
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Almaty Zoo is the state zoo of the city Almaty in Kazakhstan. The Almaty Zoo is one of the largest and oldest zoological parks in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In January 1935, the Council of People's Commissars of the Kazakh SSR decided to immediately create a zoo in the city of Alma-Ata. The choice of a place for the construction of the first zoo in the Republic and its creation was carried out by an experienced hunter and an excellent connoisseur of Semirechye Murzakhan Tolebaev. An area of ​​26.6 hectares was allocated to the zoo.

Murzakhan Tolebaev personally participated in the capture of representatives of the local fauna for the exposition of the zoo. The first animals that arrived in the Almaty Zoological Park were roe deer, a pair of wolves, young foxes, an arkharenok, a saiga, a gazelle, and a mountain goat. In order to surprise the Almaty residents from the first days of the zoo, Tolebaev negotiated with the Moscow Zoo on the acquisition of animals. Hyenas, jackals, caracals, foxes were sent from Ashkhabad Zoo to Alma-Ata. A polar bear, reindeers, raccoons were sent from the Leningrad Zoo. From the Moscow Zoo sent emu, bison, bison, antelopes nilgau. Antelopes of pharynx, wildebeest and cannas arrived from Askania Nova Nature Reserve. In the year of foundation, the collection of animals reached 70 species.