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Presidency High School - Igniting Curious Minds

Location : Sri Nagar Colony, Vinayak Nagar, Nizamabad, Telangana, India-503003

Phone : (+91) 8462 654 665, (+91) 9246 912 616

Email :

Presidency Vision is driven by two words ‘Stay Curious’.

Inculcating the spirit of curiousness in every student and to make him/her a lifelong learner is our vision. Curiosity is the spark that helps children question everything and therefore grow. It is our guiding light to move forward and discover the world with a fresh pair of eyes and ears.

At Presidency, we encourage our students to let their mind wander and wonder on things around them. Where you’re most curious, you’re most creative and imaginative. All the greatest discoveries in the world have been produced and found by those that maintained their childlike sense of wonder.

At Presidency, our vision is not only to keep the curiosity alive but also to ignite it to achieve greatness.