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Ganesh Pooja Kits

Ganesh Pooja Kits

Location : MIG-A-131, Dr.AS Rao Nagar,  Bhagyanagaram, Hyderabad, Telangana,500 062.

Phone : 8008 42 43 44

Email :,

Website :

Celebrate this Vinayaka Chavithi 100% totally Traditional way. A complete set of 21 types of special leaves(patras) for pooja (Including Devadarui which are available only in Himalayas) as memtioned in "Ekavimshathi Pathra Pooja"

All Pooja & Prasadam Materials are complete organic products of cow based farming. (Rice for Akshintha, Cotton (Dudi), Jaggaery (Rellam), Turmeric (Haldi) to prepare (Haridva Ganapathi)

This Traditional Eco-Ganapathi Pooja Kit is the result of 48 Hours of uninterupted continous effort of dedicated 550 volunteers team, 150 workers.

Limited kits available. Book Now only those who have divine blessings of Ganapathi / Ganesha may get this Traditional Eco-Ganapathi Pooja kit as Special herabal types of special uniques trees are rare to find.