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KAPTN Badminton Hub

Location : Sri Nagar Colony, Vinayak Nagar, Nizamabad

Phone : 9697901111, 9248001111 (Kiran. P), 9701410001 (Arvind. K), 9866676790 (Praveen V), 9989199967 (Trilok. G), 9849444421 (Naveen. D)

- International Standards Skilled Coach

- Advanced Coaching Techniques

- Exercises to improve agility, balance, Coordination and Suppleness

- International Standards 5 Synthetic Courts

- Daily Coaching Classes for kids above 5 years

Services - Badminton Coaching, Hub Membership, pay Per Hour Slots, Corporate Bulk Booking, Special Batch for Women/Home Makers, Tournament Packages, Temperature and Sound Controlling System.

Amenities - Lockers, Car Parking, Drinking Water, Dressing Rooms, Sports Shop

 KAPTN Badminton Hub