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Munnar Chocolate Factory

Location : Anachal, Chocolate Arcade, Aalthara Junction, Munnar Bypass, Munnar.
Phone : +91 6238 247 458, 9495353908, 7907969029
Email :

Our chocolate factory in Munnar has released an entirely new line of delectable and amazing chocolates. Get your Chocolates by selecting from a choice of our unique flavors.  Since all of our goods are produced of pure cocoa, with the utmost quality and taste, Munnar Chocolate Factory tops from the quality perspective. We also have a Quality team to ensure that we are the best chocolate shop in Munnar. 

Kerala was one of the leading providers of cocoa beans, which are rich in quality and taste. Europeans helped a lot to expand the production of cocoa from Kerala. They collected these cocoas without giving any financial benefit to the farmers. Farmers had no other choice as they lacked knowledge about this and there was no other demand for produced cocoa beans.

At the age of 13, I collected cocoas from these farmers and supplied them to these companies. Thus started the first phase of this business. I was very curious about how to make delicious chocolates from cocoa beans. On the basis of little knowledge received from a few people, I learned about turning cocoa beans into chocolate. But failed due to lack of proper knowledge.

After many years, a friend of mine helped me to know a few details on the process of converting cocoa beans to chocolates and I started a small-scale chocolate production. Along with this, I researched how to make different types of chocolates and traveled a lot for this. Finally, I visited small and large-scale chocolate factories in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, etc. Among these, the Lindt Chocolate Factory in Switzerland was the one that attracted me and was a great inspiration for me. The ideas gained from here and the quality cocoas of Kerala, prepare a new taste for you in our company. The journey for chocolate is not ending.

Munnar Chocolate Factory is the first producer of quality chocolates in Munnar. We guarantee tasty and quality chocolates from our shop. Your trust is our support.