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Drunken Monkey - Fresh Juices And Smoothies

Location : 5-6-660, Beside Venu Mall, Pragathi Nagar, Nizamabad - 503001.
Phone : 8309089117
Email :

Over 200 types of Smoothies made from locally sourced, natural ingredients, ranging from indulgence to detox, and more. The Monkey uses pure natural fresh fruit, no artificial flavours, no added sugar, preservatives or concentrates. Name it and we have it!

We have some special recommendations in the platter if you are in the mood to explore. The monkey believes that the nature has a lot to offer and thus we have some smoothies directly “Off the tree”. If you want a healthy lifestyle then sit back and relax because the monkey has something “Functional” for your body as well. Feeling stressed out? Sitting in the park feeling lonely? Probably you feel like you need a company, but all you need is to try the “Pamper Yourself” category and get naturally high! And if you are caffeine addict then try the “Hot menu” and you will get solace from all the hustle around you!

To further compliment the smoothie, try out the food products and give your heart a full course smile along with your belly!

As the Monkey suggests, “Get naturally high” and embrace to live high as well.