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Arogyaraksha - Nature Cure, Yoga and Beauty Clinic

Location : Beside Ayyappa Temple, Railway Caman, Subhash Nagar, Nizamabad - 503002 

Cell : 8106420241, 8328402301

Class iIncludes : Adi yoga, Power yoga, Hatha yoga, Pranayam, Aerobics, Meditation, Diet plan, Zumba, Therapy

A destination for wellness and rejuvenation, Arogyaraksha Nature Cure Yoga & Beauty Centre in Pragathi Nagar is a recognized beauty spa. This luxury health spa was set upin 2012, with a view to offer the citizens with soothing and revitalizing experience from the everyday stresses of life. This establishment is built on the foundation that the key to well-being is relieving stress from live. With this very thought in mind, this venture believes in holistic treatments for detoxing, de-stressing, stimulate and beautify the body and mind. Its signature therapies and practices include body therapies and treatments, facial treatments and natural packs and scrubs.