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Navyabharathi Global School - Preparing For The Future

Address: Navyabharathi Global School, Affl No: 3630071, H.No: 4-167, Post: Borgam K, (V): Dasnagar (Via: NZB RSSO), (D): Nizamabad (TS) – 503003.


Phone: 9491010050


Navyabharathi Global School is one pf the Best School in Nizamabad. Over the past decade, NGS has garnered a strong reputation to become one of best international school with CBSE in Nizamabad. The prestigious international school was started with a mission to build a community of leaders, over a foundation of shared beliefs, values and ethos.

 Navyabharathi Global School is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic and success oriented education program. The program empowers students to gain an indigenous as well as global perspective on various aspects. Schools with its high standards of teaching methodology, technology collaboration, and global culture in every aspect of learning.