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Attal Group

Attal Group

Location : 6-23-332, Subash Nagar, Nizambad - 503002

Phone : 9177000657

Toll Free : 1800-123-5256

E-Mail :

Website :

Attal Group. started its successful journey in the world of Real Estate with a residential apartment complex in 1994. Today, it is one of the fastest growing and among the most respected Real Estate Companies in Telangana. Attal Group was the outcome of the innate belief of its founders that there was a niche opportunity available for a strong values-based company in the Real Estate Market.

Since inception, Attal Group has carved a niche for itself as one of the premium Builders in Telangana with landmark projects spanning a total of 5,00,00 sq. ft. in and around Nizamabad. A further 4 lakh sq. ft. is under development across premium residential and commercial spaces. The skilled team comprising of civil engineers, architects, partners and other professionals constantly strive to create high quality commercial, institutional and residential spaces that deliver the best value to the growing attal family of 2200+ Residents.